What You Need To Know About Writing


Are you seeking to be a writer and you want to know how? Or are you already one but you still want to improve more on your skills. Writing as a skill is not something you go to the class and sit down, waiting for the teacher to come and teach you how to hold your pen, the place to be, how to position yourself, learning your tenses, punctuation marks and the rest. Though all these matters so much, for people to understand your words. Learning how to write is like falling in love with people. You begin to observe their life, their mannerism etc. All these gives you the ability to tell stories about them. Maybe this little story about me will help you to improve on your skills.

While I was still in high school, I hated writing, especially writing articles, letters, and stories. I never imagined myself becoming a writer. I see it now as a hidden passion which I never discovered, then. After my graduation from high school, I got a book by James Hadley Chase from a friend. Though I don’t usually read novels then,because I hate literature as a subject, but that novel interested me so much that I never interfered in the reading till I read to the end. That made me to look for more of the books written by the same author, which I did.

By this time, I had started liking stories, and while reading those books, I will mark words which I didn’t know its meaning and look up the meaning in the dictionary. Also, I marked sentences that had wise sayings which I used in my discussions with people. Now, this is where my development as a writer started, though unknown to me, then. I wrote the first article for my sister which was published in their school magazine. When I published this same article on the internet, I got 80 people reading it in its first week. That is how it all started, and now, I am planning on writing success books and novels.

Mastering the skills of writing, it all starts with reading the works of great writers. This involves observing their writing styles in order to determine yours. In my recent article, I wrote that reading the works of great men enlightens our mind. It puts us in the context of achievement. Reading the works of successful men brings the feeling of success to us,and puts our mind into action, and our imagination into the visual effects to see the future of our success. This is where tenses and punctuation marks comes in, the call for perfection. At this point, you start observing all these marks, thank God, you are a writer.

To become the best writer, keep applying these methods and do researches on your own to find new ways to improve yourself. This is your gateway to becoming one.

Source by Christopher Onunze