Tips For Becoming The Person You Were Meant To Be


As we get older we are to in theory to gain knowledge because of the experience we have as we move forward in our life. But sometimes this turns against us and we can become stagnant and trapped Settling for something that is less than what we deserve.

I have been working on a piece that the main subject is a brightly marked butterfly that is trapped (protected) within a bubble and in the background there is an iron grid. The beauty of the butterfly is protected by the bubble and then even more so by the iron grid in the background. If one looks closely the body of the butterfly is replaced with a human skeleton.

History has shown that often when we come across a thing of great beauty there is always the fear that someday it will leave or be taken away. We tend to hold on tightly to prevent it from escaping. But often the same method of protection can also serve as a method of extermination. There is that famous quote about setting someone free if they return it was meant to be. We are made of flesh and bone, but we are also 100% energy in motion, every cell in constant vibration.

Sometimes the fear is created within when we are afraid to move forward. We are afraid to leave the well-worn path to experience the unknown. We often are imprisoned by what is most familiar with and the energy and wonder of the life is slowly drained from us. Becoming more and more miserable instead of trying to change your circumstances.

When I was much younger I remember having a conversation with someone and I remember that his understanding was that we had a fire burning in our belly and that was the creator of our energy. That if we could maintain and feed the fire in our belly that we would have the energy in life to create what we wanted. I meet up with a very dear friend for coffee a couple days ago and I was reminded that I still have that fire but I must admit that it had been sadly neglected and there seemed to only be a few glowing embers left. I need to feed the fire as well as feed my soul with my artwork. As the days have gone on I have felt the fire begins to build and I can feel the warmth in my being.

Do not let your fire be extinguished, it is your source of power it is also your life force.

Let it burn, let it burn bright and powerful!

Source by John-Michael Korpal