Some Thoughts On Framed Art


A print, a painting or other work of art makes a work place, a blank wall in a house, places where people gather – come alive. Art makes space grow and become more interesting because of the energy, attention, and exciting feeling a work of art creates in our eyes and minds. Wall

art brightens the work place, soothes the tense mind, takes one away from the stressful

activities of the day. Artwork should and can change our attitudes about life. Framed art

is more than a mere fragment of an artist’s imaginative interpretation of our reality, it can change our perspective on life and how we feel about it. So, view a painting, study the art in a museum, let the shapes, the designs, the colors affect you. You will be glad you got a chance to experience it. That is the world of art.

Collecting Artwork

Most people enjoy framed art, but many also love collecting paintings, prints, wall art and designs. This activity brings them much, much joy. They get to personally own a

piece of art they can view anytime they choose. That piece belongs to them and only them. Art patrons would not trade that feeling of owning a part of that artist’s mind for anything. All illustration should strive to make the viewer feel something. An artist should think about what his art is trying to say and put that idea in the work. Art is communication, the artist has to always remember this. Whether it’s still life, floral, animal or landscape art, it should stand the test time.

About Color In Art

Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol – what do they bring to your mind? Colored artwork. Their works say color, color, color. Color plays a powerful role in our lives, it makes us feel the energy in life. We all know and love the green of a forest, the redness of a pretty rose, the blue in the heavenly ski above. Yes, color adds much to life. The old masters were expert in the utilization of colors. Colorful works grabs the attention.

Framed Art Has Many Uses:

People desire artwork for different reasons. Some only for the visual qualities, others for that

and more, another for financial gain. Only the first reason really inspires an artist to produce

his creations, but he is not offended by the other reasons. He is a creator of art and shares these creations with whomever wants them. Below are the most common reasons for wanting art:

oPlain enjoyment – most people love viewing art.

oCommercial applications – artwork can be used to sell and aid industry.

oTherapeutive – many people say design and color has a beneficial effect on them.

oIt is collectable – you can collect artwork for the joy of it, acquiring work in

series, theme, etc..

oInvestment – others may want to buy the art you own!!

oAs a gift – who doesn’t enjoy receiving a piece of artwork.

So, there you have it, my thoughts on framed art. As a producer of framed art, I feel very qualified to reveal these thoughts on the subject. Artwork definitely has an effect on me and I’m sure it affects you. Look at, feel the art, it’s there for that purpose. And remember, art is life.

Source by Glendell Miller