Review of the Art of Approaching Women by Joseph Matthews AKA "Thundercat"


If you are wondering if it is possible to meet women without the fear of rejection. I’m going to tell you that it IS possible! And the reason I know is because of a fellow by the name of Joseph Matthews.

You see, he is the author of The Art of Approaching Women which is the guide that tells you how to eliminate your fear of meeting women. He will tell you how to go after the “9”s and the “10s”… and get them!

And yes, most guys have a fear of getting rejected by hot women. But let me assure you that the “fear” itself is just that… a “fear.” It has no basis in reality.

However, having said that… girls WILL reject you if you project yourself as an unworthy male… a beta male… you know what I mean… Do you act like you fully expect them to reject you before you even ask them for their email?

Now get this… many women and especially the HOT women get approached by jerks and creeps every single day. They are experts at rejecting men! And they have too because #1… insecure men are a turn off biologically for them. And #2… insecure men are creepy.

So the key thing is to project a confident male that doesn’t care whether or not the woman rejects them. How would you like to be that guy?


Yeah, that is what I’m talking about and this is where Joseph Matthews shines. I’ve actually seen videos of him approaching and talking to women and let me tell you this… Joseph is nothing special to look at. He is overweight. And in spite of this… his confidence is sky high and women fall all over themselves for him!

No joking here…

My point is this… most guys have this image (probably propagated by movies and TV) that a guy must be good lookin’, rich and famous to get hot women. The real truth couldn’t be more opposite… Women place more emphasis on the confidence and status of the man.

So… if you are interested in approaching women literally without fear… then I definitely recommend that you check out The Art of Approaching Women by Joseph Matthews.

Source by John Garret