Relationship Problem Solutions


We all know that stress is pretty much a fact of life. These days life is lived at such a rapid pace – for most of us it can be difficult to grab enough time to ourselves, let alone devote enough to our relationships.

But the fact is that when we don’t spend the time, have the fun, practice the art of relaxation, and make the LOVE. Individually and jointly our relationships with both ourselves and our partners WILL suffer.

This can also very easily lead to the classic situation where individually we get to feeling – SO stressed out about making time to spend with our lovers that it becomes a HASSLE, BURDEN, or CHORE, scenario as a result. And sadly something VERY un-enjoyable instead of pleasure!

OK so let’s talk about some stress busting strategies that can help regain the often very LOST art of relaxation, pleasure, & enjoyment, in our lives and loves.

Stress Busting Tips for Living:

  1. Break-up overwhelming tasks into smaller jobs.
  2. Draw up a “to do” list of all the tasks you need to complete in the short term (e.g. within the next week). And also then in the longer term.
  3. When planning your work schedule, attempt to balance routine tasks with the more enjoyable jobs.
  4. Accept that risks are inevitable in life, and that no decisions are ever made on the basis of complete information.
  5. Learn to spot the symptoms of stress; it’s important to be able to distinguish between pressure and stress. Pressure is motivating, stimulating, and energizing. But when pressure exceeds our ability to cope, stress is produced.
  6. Individually, continued high levels of stress can at worst, result in physical illness, depression, or even nervous breakdown. So we can see from this information the dangers excessive stress levels – impose upon our relationships.
  7. ANSWER – take a GOOD look at your wellbeing and if you know things have felt overwhelming for a very long time, seek help from a qualified, registered, professional Counsellor or therapist, to assist you to get things back on track for yourself, your relationship, and YOUR quality of life in general!

Source by Chris N Reynolds