OPHIR Alcohol Activated Makeup Palette for Special Effects Artist Halloween Cosplay Body Makeup Paint Palette RT015


Price: 57.98 - 32.47


Alcohol Activated
Dry quickly
Easy to clean by 75% or 95% Alcohol


Capacity: 120g/4.23oz (12g/group)
Dimension of The Box: 21.5cm x 9.8cm / 8.5inch x 3.9inch


The OPHIR Special Effect Makeup Paint Set of Flesh Tone must be activated by alcohol when you use (just drip 3-4 drops on the surface of the color).
This 12 colors set contains the perfect mix of skin tone colors and other same series of colors: Ivory White, Skin Tone, Pink Skin, Milk Tea, Mustard Green,
Haze Blue, Wheat Skin, Brown Skin, Dark Brown, Chocolate, Cameo Pink, Dark Red.
This Special Effect Makeup Palette is poured in every group, it is highly concentrated in every group when it hasn't been activated. So you will see only
half paint in every group and some small hole and crack, this is normal condition. When you drip the alcohol on it and you will see the paint come alive.
Also it is very convenient for you to storage, you don't need to do more actions to keep this palette, just close the cover to leave it indoor. And drip the
alcohol to activate it when you want.
With this Special Effect Makeup Paint Set of Flesh Tone, you can make your special makeup more easily and quickly!
Our face paint has passed FDA, it is very safe for everyone including children to use.

Package Included:

1x OPHIR Special Effect Makeup Paint Set
(Please choose according to your needs)