Bones – TheArtOfCremation (Prod. by Vegard Veslelia)



Produced by Vegard Veslelia


sitting in the motherfucking dark just smoking
i don’t want to hear no talking
i watch even when they think I’m not
wide awake i hear you walking
sleep walk if the dope don’t come
never really gave a fuck if you don’t like
the way we do it from the movies to the music
i smile and i know that its alright

fuck is the word touch me and burn
don’t make me embarrass you
was eager to learn fuck waiting our turn
there is just no comparing us
do it right every time
without even fucking trying
it never get fucking tiring
i change up the way they write

I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it twice
I’ve seen it too many times
“we hope sesh blow up”
it do now they look oh so surprised
“now its different” quit the bitching
i don’t want your ass to listen
pour a trendy four an drink it
till your heart no longer ticking

tired of the motherfucking hold up
i touch the world and it froze up
promise i never care
promise i never will
give a fuck about if they know us
that never meant a thing
give a fuck if you’re listening
we come and save the day
sesh and it never change

need to go a little harder boy and i am your best reason
bitch I’m cremated creeping every season is sesh season
I’ve been in it for fourteen winters
you were beginning just last weekend
i dont force it still they weaken
now our words are what they’re speaking

shit a little different i admit it
cuz now i can buy some fucking dinner
pussies bitching like its tradition
bitch id rather you don’t listen
ill be honest thats a promise
i aint no one to look up to
rather u look down on me
frown upon me and tell me
that I’m not what you thought that i was
no i don’t need no “yo bones you killing it”
fuck up and listen thats not why I’m doing it
its not a choice i am the noise
static bring havoc i live in the void
we are just something you cannot explain
radiate rays that you cannot ignore
i don’t go quiet I’m slamming the door
el say to get it I handle the chore
never fit in i stuck out like a sore thumb
and I’m numb everywhere that we are
my blunt go out and the people they run
cashed and I’m apt to attack when its done
look in my eyes i take you to the sun
drop you off burn you then take you back home
you could be right still ill never be wrong
you could be you but you’ll never be


Source by TeamSESH